Vortex flowmeter application case (1)

2019/5/30 17:45:10

1) Phenomenon: The flow rate display of the vortex flowmeter always exceeds the upper limit, and the displayed flow rate is several times larger than the actual flow value. 
2) Analysis: The vortex flowmeter is installed at the outlet of the air compressor. When it is turned on, it is large, which causes the vibration of the straight pipe section to be measured. The vibration causes the flow to be several times larger than the actual flow value. It can be seen that the vibration of the pipe has a very large flowmeter. Great impact, so the vibration of the pipeline must be solved.
3) Handling: In order to solve the impact of vibration on the pipeline, an anti-vibration bellows is installed on the outlet pipe of the air compressor, and the vibration of the pipeline is reduced, but the flowmeter still cannot be accurately metered. Later, the anti-vibration bellows was installed at the flowmeter interface, which achieved good results; the maximum pressure at the outlet of the air compressor was 0.8 MPa, so the anti-vibration joint with a pressure of 1.6 MPa was selected, and the anti-vibration joint can carry large pressure conditions. The lower radial direction is not deformed, thus ensuring that the vortex flowmeter sensor position is relatively stable.