Wireless transmission flowmeter intelligent GPRS MAG flow meter

Intelligent GPRS MAG flow meter is specially designed for the industry. It can meet the monitoring and management of traffic in urban water supply, heating and gas supply systems, and the processing and calculation of data. It is widely used in urban water supply, heating, gas supply systems, sewage treatment, Water conservancy projects and other industries.

Wireless transmission flowmeter intelligent GPRS MAG flow meter

Intelligent GPRS MAG flow meter adopts specially designed sensor excitation system and high-performance lithium battery power supply system, and adopts 16-bit embedded ultra-micro power processor, full digital signal processing, stable measurement, high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. Features such as automatic bidirectional flow measurement, on-site instantaneous flow, positive and negative cumulative total display, self-diagnosis fault alarm, GSM data infinity transfer, etc. Users can realize traffic data through powerful GSM/GPRS remote management software system. GPRS wireless communication, storage, data analysis and other functions.

Intelligent GPRS MAG flow meter working principle Since the GPRS communication is a data packet communication network based on an IP address, after the monitoring center computer logs in to the Internet network, the IP address is assigned by the Internet, and each GPRS monitoring point establishes a connection with the host through the address and communicates. Each monitoring point collects data through the data acquisition module, processes the data through the embedded processor in the GPRS terminal, encapsulates the protocol, sends it to the GPRS network, and transmits it to the user data monitoring center computer.
Battery-powered converter GPRS communication introduction
The battery-powered converter with GPRS function can directly send data to the remote control center through the GPRS wireless module GPRS-DY or GPRS-DF, hereinafter referred to as the GPRS module, and then store the collected data in the database at regular intervals. Through the system, even in an off-site away from the observation site, it is convenient to collect and read data of each monitoring point, and truly realize the functions of remote monitoring and data sharing.

Intelligent GPRS MAG flow meter product features:

  • Timing acquisition of electromagnetic flowmeter data: The electromagnetic flowmeter is used to send a data mode to the host every hour.
  • The data includes:
    (1) Instrument status part: module address, module name, current module time, module battery status;
    (2) Meter data part: instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous flow rate, fluid conductivity ratio, positive and negative cumulative value
  • Support short message, fixed IP and dynamic IP address transmission. Data transmission is stable and reliable, low power consumption, and low battery alarm. SMS (SMS): Support all China Unicom and China Mobile SIM card users; GPRS mode: support for the opening of GPRS wireless Internet access (GPRS access point must be CMNET) China Mobile SIM card users
  • GPRS communication supports two modes of TCP and UDP, and supports two connection modes of IP address and dynamic domain name.
  • Integration of acquisition and transmission, improving system reliability and reducing costs;
  • Do not crash, automatically restore after dropped calls;
  • GPRS remote online setting and short message remote setting function;
  • Onboard industrial grade GSM/GPRS communication module, convenient for users to choose GSM/GPRS networking mode
  • Provide user setting software, open interface
  • Good waterproof performance

Shengda's Packing Style:

  • Shengda team always clean every product with our own machine to keep the items neat and tidy.
  • Shengda team always put paper sticker to keep it away from the dust and protect the liner without any abrasion.
  • Shengda team always protect the flow meters with a transparent polybag.
  • The meters DN15mm-100mm, Shengda team always pad the good quality carton with foamer to ensure there is no shaking during the transportation.
  • The meters DN150mm-3000mm, Shengda team always arrange the packing with standard export wooden box to ensure keep away from damp, worm, shaking, etc.
  • take them lightly and don’t put them to the floor to make sure that there are no scars on the surface.
  • In a word, Shengda team protect the products just like our own luxuries for same.

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Order notice: 

  • The measured medium should not contain more ferromagnetic substances and a lot of bubbles, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy;
  • The user shall clearly specify to our company the medium to be measured and its flow range, working pressure and fluid temperature, and select the appropriate flow meter according to these parameters;
  • If the user needs to install accessories, such as supporting flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers and other additional requirements, can ask when ordering.

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