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Because all kinds of ultrasonic flowmeters can be installed outside the pipe, non-contact flow measurement, the cost of the instrument is basically independent of the size of the pipe to be tested, while other types of flowmeters increase with the increase in caliber, so the cost is increased. The flowmeter is superior to the other functions of the same type of flowmeter. It is considered to be a good large-diameter flow measuring instrument. The Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the flow of two-phase medium, so it can be used for the measurement of dirty sewage such as sewers and sewage. In power plants, the use of portable ultrasonic flowmeters to measure large pipe diameters such as turbine water inflow and turbine circulating water is much more convenient than in the past. Ultrasonic flow juice can also be used for gas measurement. Pipe diameters range from 2cm to 5m, from a few meters wide open channels, culverts to 500m wide rivers.
In addition, the accuracy of the flow measurement of the ultrasonic measuring instrument is almost independent of the temperature, pressure, viscosity, density and other parameters of the measured fluid, and can be made into non-contact and portable measuring instruments, so it can solve the problem that other types of instruments are difficult to measure. Flow measurement problems for corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive, and flammable and explosive media. In addition, in view of the non-contact measurement characteristics, coupled with reasonable electronic circuits, one instrument can adapt to a variety of pipe diameter measurements and a variety of flow range measurements. The adaptability of ultrasonic flowmeters is also unmatched by other instruments. Ultrasonic flowmeters have some of the above advantages, so it has received more and more attention and has been developed into a series of products and generalization. It has been made into standard, high-temperature, explosion-proof and wet instruments of different channels to adapt to different media. Flow measurement for occasions and different pipeline conditions.

Gas turbine flowmeter and screwing vortex flowmeter measurement difference
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First, the characteristics of gas turbine flowmeter and spiral vortex flowmeter
Gas turbine flowmeter and screwing vortex flowmeter are the main gas metering instruments in China. In foreign countries, almost no one uses gas to swirl into the vortex flow meter. At present, there are certain applications in the domestic vortex flowmeter. In terms of standard conditions. The international standard ISO9551 promulgated by the International Organization for Standardization and the international recommendations R6, R32 promulgated by the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) have corresponding national standards and regulations in China and developed countries. The above documents guarantee the authority of gas turbine flowmeters in gas metering. Sex. Gas-introducing vortex flowmeters have not yet established relevant standards. It is difficult to guarantee the authority of the flow meter in gas metering. At present, in domestic flow meters for gas measurement, gas turbine flowmeters dominate, and the vortex flowmeters also have a certain market. The use of the two is similar, and users often have doubts about the choice of the two.

According to different output signals, these products can be divided into LWGY-□N type and LWGY-□A type.
LWGY-□N type sensor: 12~24VDC power supply, three-wire pulse output, high level ≥8V, low level ≤0.8V; signal transmission distance ≤1000m;
LWGY-□A type transmitter: 24VDC power supply, 2-wire 4-20mA output, signal transmission distance ≤1000.
This type of turbine flow products are divided into basic type and explosion-proof type (ExdIIBT6).
2, intelligent integrated turbine flowmeter
Intelligent integrated turbine flowmeter adopts advanced ultra-low-power single-chip microcomputer technology to develop a new intelligent instrument integrating turbine flow sensor and display integration. It adopts double-row liquid crystal field display, with compact structure, intuitive reading and reliability. High, free from external power interference, lightning strike, low cost and other obvious advantages. The instrument has three-point correction of the meter coefficient, the intelligent compensation meter coefficient is nonlinear, and field correction can be performed. The high-definition LCD displays both instantaneous flow (4 significant digits) and cumulative flow (8 significant digits with clear function). All valid data is not lost after 10 years of power failure. These turbine flowmeters are explosion-proof products with an explosion-proof rating of ExdIIBT6.