Electromagnetic flow meter flow sensor for all kinds of conductive liquids

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Electromagnetic flow meter flow sensor for all kinds of conductive liquids

Working principle

Electromagnetic flow meters are flowmeters that measure flow according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic flowmeters have the advantage of minimal pressure loss and a large range of measurable flow rates. The ratio of the maximum flow rate to the minimum flow rate is generally more than 20:1. The applicable industrial tube diameter is wide, up to 3 meters. The output signal and the measured flow rate are linear, and the accuracy is high. The conductivity can be measured ≥5μs/cm. Acid, alkali, salt solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquids, and fluid flow of mud, pulp, pulp, etc. However, it cannot measure the flow of gas, steam, and pure water.

Electromagnetic flow meter product features:

  • There is no movable parts in the electromagnetic flowmeter, no loss pressure, simple structure, woke reliable;
  • The measurement accuracy is not affected by the change of the measured medium’s pressure, density (including liquid-solid two-phase),temperature, viscosity and other physical parameter;
  • Moisture proof and waterproof performance is good. Suit for setting up and being used underground or wet environments;
  • Compare with other flowmeter, its advantage: big measurement range , low demand in straight pipe, high accuracy;
  • Low power consumption, one set flowmeter power consumption less than 20W.

Shengda's Packing Style:

  • Shengda team always clean every product with our own machine to keep the items neat and tidy.
  • Shengda team always put paper sticker to keep it away from the dust and protect the liner without any abrasion.
  • Shengda team always protect the flow meters with a transparent polybag.
  • The meters DN15mm-100mm, Shengda team always pad the good quality carton with foamer to ensure there is no shaking during the transportation.
  • The meters DN150mm-3000mm, Shengda team always arrange the packing with standard export wooden box to ensure keep away from damp, worm, shaking, etc.
  • take them lightly and don’t put them to the floor to make sure that there are no scars on the surface.
  • In a word, Shengda team protect the products just like our own luxuries for same.

Open the box to see:

  • Product-1 unit
  • User's Guide
  • Product Qualification
  • Packing list

Order notice: 

  • The measured medium should not contain more ferromagnetic substances and a lot of bubbles, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy;
  • The user shall clearly specify to our company the medium to be measured and its flow range, working pressure and fluid temperature, and select the appropriate flow meter according to these parameters;
  • If the user needs to install accessories, such as supporting flanges, gaskets, bolts, nuts, washers and other additional requirements, can ask when ordering.

About Shengda Water Meter

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  • 400 customers
  • 24 years production experience
  • +50000 square meters' area
  • Our stainless steel equipments are from DN6mm~DN3000mm,
  • Our customer service staff is from multilanguage talented persons, more intimately serve oversea's clients
  • Our brand "Shengda water meter & China instrument


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We supply services as below for flow meter:

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  • More than 200 types of water meter and flow meter for option;
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